Design...Surrounds...My Life

From a family endowed with an authentic and lasting design sense, I grew up in homes always evolving with trends and timeless styles.  The exposure and hands on experience, coupled with the joy of endless shopping for, and, surrounding myself with art, furniture, fabrics, and colors has always added content and comfort to my life. Entering a room, I find myself rearranging the pieces...As a student at NIU, I completed a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, and a minor in water color.

The world of business and fashion were interwoven during my career 1.0 as an advertising salesperson for such publications as Domino, House Beautiful, and Veranda following a successful retail sales experience for Tiffany and Buccellati, the legendary leaders in the world of jewelry. Traveling the world, and the states fine tuned and broadened my appreciation for diverse architectures, old and new.

For years my hobby has been doing some freelance design, assisting friends and business colleagues in redoing their apartments, condominiums, offices and homes. Now my career 2.0 is professional designing, devoting my time to searching and shopping for creative pieces to assemble while matching my clients' tastes and expectations.

Summer White Interiors focuses on bringing more to your rooms, and creating happiness, as my clients find more enjoyment in the spaces we spend the most precious times of our lives!