Approachable elegance inspired by what you love....

Bring home your inspirations

Imagine...Summertime and warm breezes, rich full hedges accented with colorful blooms, clear blue skies with just a whisper  of white clouds...add next a dramatic thunderstorm (which will quickly pass), and will leave behind an array of colors, that continue to  change as the sun starts to set.  Bring it all inside with a big, creamy, sofa, accented with hints of color in an eclectic mix-match of pillows,and  a soft wool throw, set against soothing, pale gray walls, all sitting upon a rich Moroccan wool rug, all warmed by the soft light from a modern chandelier. Ground the room with  a hint of black, inspired by earth, and all it's richness.  Add art, inspired by your travels, a mix of stunning coffee table books, and a glass or two of crisp white wine... Get ready to relax,  and enjoy your new favorite oasis, called home...

Transform your space to reflect by what inspires you

Whether its a  favorite season, a color, a panoramic view,  or something you dream of, let your space reflect who you are, and what you love. Transform your space to reflect who you are, and where you can't wait to be.

Summer White Interiors can help create the look that is right for you

Whether you are modern, transitional, traditional or ecclectic, Summer White Interiors can pull together the look you love.

  • Services include assisting with color selections
  • Home Furnishing selections and room placement
  • Finding unique Accents/ Accessories 
  • Lighting